Hello to you!

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by and checking out this little blog of mine!

Let me tell you a little about me…
My name is Rachel Black. I’ve been married to my husband, Daniel, since May 2007, so we’re just about to celebrate our first decade of marriage! Wowza! We have a 3 1/2 year old daughter, Ava, and another baby girl due in August. We’re from California, but we relocated to Nevada last Halloween, and so far we’re loving it! I work from home as a mortgage loan officer, also assisting another loan officer at my company; I’m the owner/designer behind YarnyBird; I’m an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields Skincare. We have 1 dog, Bella a black Cocker Spaniel. We had a Doberman named Achilles, and he unexpectedly passed away on New Year’s Eve. It was a huge loss for our family, and we’re still navigating our world without him in it, while at the same time we’re really excited for when we can bring another Doberman puppy into our life.

I love coffee, Gilmore Girls, squishy yarn, watching too much TV, Hallmark movies, and Christmas. Family vacations and outings with our extended family are some of our favorite things. Last November we took our daughter to Disneyland for the first time with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and 2 nephews; this summer we’re all headed back out, this time to Hawaii, and I’m so looking forward to sharing my daughter’s first BIG trip with them.

When I was little, my mom crocheted. She would give me some yarn and I would chain and chain and chain; then I would take the whole big chain apart, roll the yarn back into a ball, and chain all over again. I picked up yarn and a hook again around 2007, and started making baby blankets for my friends having babies. We had a BIG baby boom over the course of 2007-2010 in our group of friends, so I got lots of blanket practice! I moved on to hats, scarves, and all things yarn, but baby blankets are still my favorite gift to give when someone I know is having a new baby. I started knitting just a little over a year ago, and I LOVE it! I’ve dabbled a little in sewing, and I hope to increase my sewing skills over the next year.

I plan on sharing crochet & knitting projects and patterns with you; maybe some sewing projects; some DIY projects, including putting together Baby Girl’s nursery and Big Sister’s big girl room. We might even get to share some money saving tips and tricks…although I’m by NO means an expert! I hope you visit often and enjoy our time together here on this little blog of mine!


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