Corner to Corner Crochet (C2C)

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It’s Tutorial Tuesday!!!

Corner to corner crochet, or C2C, has become very popular in the crochet community as of late. I love the diagonal design and the look of the little boxes created by the pattern, but I’ll admit I’ve been a little scared to try it. It’s really a simple pattern, and it lends itself really well to incorporating pictures into your blankets – also known as graphgans. Well, I dove in and worked on a C2C blanket for my cousin’s baby boy, due in July, and I have to say I’m LOVING it!

Here’s my finished product. I finished it off with a half double crochet border in blue, and then a reverse single crochet, or crab stitch, border in gray to finish off the edge.

Let’s break down the steps…

1 – Chain 6.

C2C step 1

2 – Double crochet into 4th chain from the hook.

3 – Double crochet into each of the next 2 chains.

C2C step 4

4 – Chain 6; turn your work.

5 – Double crochet into 4th chain from the hook, and into each of the next 2 chains.

6 – Slip stitch to the turning chain; chain 3.

7 – Double crochet 3 times into the turning chain.

C2C step 7-1

8 – Repeat steps 4-7 until your piece is as wide as you want it from corner to corner.

C2C step 8

Once your piece is as wide from corner to corner as you would like, it’s time to start decreasing.

9 – Turn work. Slip stitch into top of 3 DC from last row, and into the turning chain. Chain 3 at the end.

10 – 3 DC into turning chain. Sl st to turning chain of next block.

C2C step 10-1

11 –  Ch 3. 3 DC into turning chain. Sl st to turning chain of next block. Repeat until you reach the end of your row.

12 – Repeat steps 9-11 until you have decreased back down to one block, and you’ll have a square piece.

And, VOILA! You’ll have a finished square piece! This stitch is good for blankets, especially graphgans where you want to incorporate pictures into your blanket, but you could also use cotton yarn and use this for a washcloth/dishcloth. Just remember when you’re making it that there will be some gaps between the blocks, so if you’re looking for a really solid piece, you may want to try a heavier yarn or a different stitch.

Enjoy your C2C adventures, and send me pictures of your finished products!!!

For the blanket – I used KnitPicks Brava Worsted yarn in the colors White, Silver, Celestial and Paprika. My favorite hooks to use are Boye Aluminum Crochet Hooks and they have ergonomic hooks, too!

The hook in the tutorial pictures is a Deborah Norville hook. I love that it’s a straight hook without any taper or widening – it’s perfect for Tunisian Crochet projects that don’t have a lot of stitches.


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