Friday pattern round up – Knit Shawls

Happy Friday friends!!

Fall is inching closer and closer, and I find myself drooling over more shawl patterns every day. I’ve never been much of a shawl wearer myself, but there are SO many great patterns out there that I think I might just be converted.

I’ve put together a list of 5 great free knit shawl patterns and 5 great paid knit shawl patterns for you – these will also make great Christmas gifts, so you can get a jump-start on your gift list now!

Free Knit Shawl Pattern Roundup

  1. Drea’s Shawl – by Loop KnitsDrea's Shawl - Free Knit
  2. Campside – by Alicia PlummerCampside Shawl - Free Knit
  3. Estuary Shawl – by Tin Can KnitsEstuary Shawl - Free Knit
  4. Miss Grace Shawl – by SKEINOMiss Grace Shawl - Free Knit
  5. Shadow Shawl – by Antonia Shankland

Shadow Shawl - Free Knit


Paid Knit Shawl Pattern Roundup

  1. Endless Rainbow – by Martina BehmEndless Rainbow Shawl - Paid Knit
  2. Breathe Melange – by Heidi May (The Velvet Acorn)Breathe Melange - Paid Knit
  3. Find Your Fade – by Andrea Mowry (Drea Renee Knits)Find Your Fade - Paid Knit
  4. Sizzle Pop – by Lesley Anne Robinson (Knit Graffiti)Sizzle Pop - Paid Knit
  5. The Lonely Tree Shawl – by Sylvia McFaddenLonely Tree - Paid Knit

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