Late Night Rug – FREE Crochet Pattern

We’re already one full month into 2018 – what?! This year my goal is to deliver new content and new patterns to you every month – I can’t wait to see what you’re making! Be sure to watch each post for a hashtag for each project. Tag us in your finished item photos with @yarnybird and use the hashtag for that project…you never know when those little hashtags might be used for a giveaway…

The first FREE pattern up this year is my Late Night Rug crochet pattern. Both of my babies loved to be walked around to get to sleep. I’ve spent countless hours walking back & forth, and rocking back & forth, in front of their crib. Since my youngest is only 5 months old, I’m still deep in the waters of walking/rocking to sleep, multiple times a day/night. A rug of the utmost softness was a necessary addition to the nursery this time around, so I headed off to the yarn store to buy something super soft in just the right colors to make rugs for each of my girls’ rooms, because when the baby gets something her big sister wants one, too. Guys, seriously, this pattern is SO simple and quick. The stitch is easy to work up, but gives just enough texture and squish to this rug. I *may* take a little extra time putting the baby to bed at night just to squish my toes on this rug…

Ava Rug 1

I’ve named this the Late Night Rug because that’s when I worked on it – late at night after everyone was asleep. Our oldest got hers as a Christmas present, so I didn’t want her to see it while I was working on it. But also, with a 4 month old baby at home with me all day while I’m running multiple at-home businesses…midnight is the only time I have to crochet!

If you would like to purchase an easy to read PDF version of the pattern, you can do so on Etsy or Ravelry.

Grab 3 balls of the Bernat Blanket yarn (660 yards), a 10.00 mm/N crochet hook, and let’s get started!

The finished rug measures approximately 26″ x 42″.

Gauge – Ch 10. Sc & HDC in 2nd ch from hook. *Sk next st. SC & HDC in next st.* Repeat 2 more times. Sk next st. SC in last ch. Ch 1; turn; repeat for a total of 5 rows. 4 stitch clusters / 4 rows = 4” x 4” swatch.

Harper Rug 1


  • Ch 50.
  • Row 1 – SC & HDC in 2nd ch from the hook. *Sk next st. SC & HDC in next st.* Repeat until there are 2 sts left. Sk next st. SC in last st.
  • Row 2-41 – Ch 1, turn. SC & HDC in first st. *Sk next st. SC & HDC in next st.* Repeat until there are 2 sts left. Sk next st. SC in last st. (You will be working only in the SC stitches from the previous row. Your HDC stitches will remain unworked.
  • Row 42 – Ch 1, turn. SC in every stitch across.
  • Fasten off and weave in ends.

You’ll be adding in a new ball of yarn about every 14 rows – use your favorite method of adding in a new ball of yarn. Don’t worry about tying knots at your joins – with this bulky, textured yarn & stitches, it’s very easy to hide those knots and yarn ends and you won’t even be able to see or feel them in the finished item.

And that’s it – you’re done! There are so many colors to choose from in this yarn, so I’m sure you can find something to go with the decor of any (or every!) room in your house.

It makes a great place to lay down a baby for playtime, tummy time, or to change clothes.

Harper Rug 2

Harper Rug 8

Harper Rug 10

Don’t forget to tag @YarnyBird and use #yblatenightrug, #yarnybird, or #ybpatterns in your social media posts. I love to see your finished items!

If you’re interested in some different patterns and shapes, be sure to check out my Rug Pattern Roundup.


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