I’m Rachel Black – owner, designer, creator, and face behind YarnyBird.

I love to share my own patterns and projects, patterns from others that I love, and maybe a little about my life. Grab your coffee and let’s talk yarn!

If you love handmade, but crochet and knit just aren’t part of your repertoire, you can purchase ready to ship or custom items from my Etsy shop.

I’m a wife, mother 2 beautiful daughters, and with 3 home-based businesses, life is very busy! I started crocheting when I was little…sort of. While my mom would crochet, I would play with the yarn, make crochet chains, then undo them and wrap the yarn back into a ball and start over again. I picked it back up in 2007 when friends all started having babies. What better baby gift than something homemade, like a crochet blanket? That quickly became my go-to gift, and my crochet skills surpassed chains pretty fast. I finally took the plunge and added knitting to my skill set around 2015 and once I got the hang of it, I grew to love it.

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